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Anthony Siracusa, PhD

online behavioral health and psychological counseling

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Anthony Siracusa, PhD

Dr. Siracusa is a licensed psychologist with years of experience in providing compassionate and effective psychological counseling and behavioral health consulting. He offers personalized online sessions to help individuals overcome emotional and mental health challenges and achieve their goals. Click here to schedule an appointment today.

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

Nelson Mandela

What Clients Say

Dr. Tony as he likes to go by is wonderful. He will help you with whatever you need. He is so easy to talk to and will facilitate with your primary care doctor if you need anything as well. Our family has been going to him for years and he has helped us with many challenges. Can't say enough positives about him!

- T.L.

We absolutely LOVE Dr.Siracusa. He has been a family therapist in our family for years!
He first started therapy with one of my children about 12 years ago. Since then we have built an ongoing bond that has spread to several members of our family. We appreciate Dr. Siracusa and his excellence in support. He is the most effective therapist that we have had the privilege and the pleasure of working with. Our hearts are grateful to have him in our lives.

- S.R.

Dr. Tony Siracusa is a great guy to have in your corner. He really listens, is tremendously approachable, and is, for my experience, one of the best therapists around. Even over a zoom chat it feels like you're talking to an old friend who you can trust implicitly and help you take the time to get to the heart of things.

- M.D.

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